Execute your talent strategy without added overhead

Give your employees ownership over their development

Integrate talent development into regular operations


Talent Accelerator

Organizations spend significant resources creating talent development plans that are rarely executed. Talent Accelerator leverages your existing projects and initiatives to provide regular and comprehensive development to your talent pool without added overhead.

Maximize on‑the‑job development opportunities

Once talent development plans are created, you often have no robust mechanism to implement them. Talent Accelerator uses existing initiatives to provide on-the-job development, which has been shown to account for 70% of employee growth.

Focus on strategy, not process compliance

HR teams are often overloaded with administrative tasks, leaving little time for strategic talent development. Talent Accelerator automatically matches employees to development opportunities, letting you focus on what you do best: strategy and advising.

Improve long‑term planning and employee retention

Low talent visibility makes it difficult to create long-term plans and reduce turnover. Talent Accelerator breaks down silos and broadens visibility through cross-functional initiatives. Executives get a broader talent pool for long-term planning and employees see a growth path in the organization.


How it Works

Initiatives that executives are already planning to do are entered as opportunities in Talent Accelerator

Talent Accelerator matches employees to opportunities based on the skills that they need to develop

Once work on an opportunity is done, employees get timely and relevant feedback from executives and peers

HR teams get instant access to actionable data on talent development across the organization



A single platform that can handle all of your talent initiatives such as Women in Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, and High Potentials

Feedback from peers, managers, and executives tied to specific development opportunities is timely and relevant

Individual accounts for HR administrators, executives, managers, and employees engage all levels of the organization in talent development

On-the-job development enables direct application and removes the need to transfer learning from a classroom environment

Actionable and at-a-glance data show where attention is needed at a tactical and a strategic level

Implements proven best practices in talent development because it was developed by HR professionals from the ground up


Our Team

Talent Accelerator was developed by Verity International, a team of HR professionals with years of direct experience in leading HR teams and providing HR consulting services to organizations across different industries. Tired of seeing organizations face challenges in executing their talent development strategy, Verity knew there must be a better way to empower HR teams, executives, managers, and employees to work together on developing an organization’s talent.
Photo of Christine Miners
Christine Miners
Managing Director
With over 17 years of progressive and diverse leadership experience in Talent and Organization Development, Christine is responsible for leading the development and delivery of Verity’s Talent Management strategy and content. Christine is providing subject matter expertise in the development of Talent Accelerator based on her experience in leading top talent development and succession planning within a variety of organizations and industries.
Photo of Tim Arnill
Tim Arnill
President and CEO
Tim leads all aspects of Verity’s business, where his executive Human Resources experience in the technology, packaged goods and manufacturing sectors has cultivated a strong business orientation and has developed proven strategic planning expertise necessary to create and implement results-oriented human resource strategies. Tim brings a focus on user needs and business development for Talent Accelerator.
Photo of Yevdokiya Yermolayeva
Yevdokiya Yermolayeva
Product Manager
Yevdokiya is an experienced product manager with a particular focus on B2B digital solutions. She works with the software development, marketing, business development, and executive teams at Verity and with its customers to ensure that Talent Accelerator meets the needs of HR professionals.  She holds a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University.